Sorry it’s been so long!  My son’s terrible twos have not stopped, even though he has turned 3, and my daughter’s birthday is the 21st of this month, so lots of things going on.  🙂  I also got back into GW2.

Okay, as usual, let’s recount chapter 2.0, refresh your memory, and mine.  So we had to start from scratch due to hard drive failures, and we have Genevieve and Riley.  Riley went over to the Sackholmes and checked out what was goin down over there.  Mason looked like he had/has decent enough genetics so ON THE SPOT, we (mostly her good looks and my I’ve-been-playing-this-game-for-fourteen-years skills) wooed the pants off him, almost literally, and they married.  Riley Ditched Mason and Gen to go off to college for a degree that’ll help her get further in the criminal career track earlier so that it won’t be so painful when she takes maternity leave.  Riley also mastered the Alchemy skill while in college and drank some fancy green stuff and turned into a witch! =o who saw that coming?  No one!  Witches are my favorite supernatural simply because their lifespan is the same as a humans and I don’t particularly like long lifespans.  We managed to build a house from stealing tons of things from the dorm.  Whatever, legacies are hard!  =P  On break from term Riley got pregnant for the first time and sold a whooole bunch of elixirs for extra cash.  She had a little boy named Seth and returned to university to wrap up her degree.  She almost burned down the whole dorm but everything turned out mostly fine.  Before graduation she went around turning things to gold and I sold them for extra cash.  Of course there was a huge fucking traffic jam so we didn’t actually go to graduate, we just got our degree and no extra trait.  >:c  laaame.  We ended off with Seth aging up and we got to see that pink hair from Genevieve!  Of course it comes into play this generation, where as none of her actual children ever freaking had it.  Of course.

Side note, in the save before the hard drive crash of 2014, all of Genevieve’s grandchildren save for like 2? had pink hair.  Somehow I think that’s going to be how it works this time too.

When I first loaded up I noticed we had close to §23K so I decided to tweak the house, make more room and what not.  I spent most of our money on a backyard area for future kids.


Only till after this picture was taken did I realize I forgot to CAS the swingset.  Woops.  I did it right after this was taken.


I haven’t re-installed Aurora Springs so I don’t have the rad baby gear, but we might as well do it in-person, only one baby this time.  😛


Well, these two are getting along great, if you were curious.


Built an entire new bathroom, and STILL, you piss in the grass?



The things this poor clock-light has seen.


“oh shit… ohhhhhhhhh shit.”


“This better not be what I think it is.”

There wasn’t a jingle or anything.  😮  did not see this coming.


I downloaded a mod that makes it funner for parents to teach toddlers their skills so they’re more likely to do it on free will, which made sense to me, so its there now.


. . . You’re just going across the back yard, do you really need the stroller?

“Yes, so I can imagine I’m actually leaving this damn house.”




She’s such a loving granny.


Riley popped during work.  Mason still has a wish for a girl so time to watermelon up.

I wanted to sell her elixirs but she kept getting reset when she went to interact at the register, so I just sold them from her inventory instead.


Days passed, nothing really happened except Riley kept gettin bigger and bigger.  She should birth tonight, I think.


“Gotta get you potty trained, Seth, we don’t want to be changing two baby’s diapers!”


I also learned that Riley could ask Gen to clean up, and Gen would go around and clean everything.  Yup.  Guess we’re using that interaction more.


The love is still strong.


A little too strong!


She walked all the way to the hospital.


At 11:46pm, Lucy Greywind was born with Loner locked in and random-rolled Neurotic.  Lucy’s favorites are Pop music, Firecracker Tofu, and Lilac.


At 11:52pm, Quinn Greywind was born with Heavy Sleeper locked in and random-rolled Virtuoso.  Quinn’s favorites are Rock music, Potato and Truffle Torte, and Hot Pink.

New Rule, I can change favorite color for my heir/ess because this purple/lilac/ whatever bs is driving me nuts.  I need variety!


Then she walked back home.  I mean its a couple of blocks, but still, its raining, and she has a newborn.

Only when we got home though, did I realize we did not have cribs for these two cuties.


“Sorry we moved you into the hall, lil man, but you didn’t want to be woken up every few hours by your sisters on the night before your birthday, did you?”

And that’s how I solved the space problems.  I also think that it’s high time we actually built a house instead of just throwing things together so I’m going to see what I can do on that front.

Also, Genevieve is 91 days old.  :/  If she survives this chapter it’ll be a miracle.


Seth’s birthday!


His favorite color is Irish Green but I didn’t want him walking around in all green, so his [everyday] outfit is mostly brown with a green shirt.  Around this time I had everyone get out of the house [I don’t think this counts as actions since I need to rebuild, and I’m not tending to needs or anything].  I decided to go with what tumblr tells me is Pastel Goth, which, in my opinion, is very Riley.


Here is what the house looks like when the sun hits it, and the sun only really hits it from the back.  It’s a pastel purple with lots of black and a cream color.  A lot of CAS was used during building this, a lot, because for some reason I put a whole lot of freakin effort into the houses for this family.  I ended up save/quitting and taking a few day break after building because geez did that wear me down.

Of course, I didn’t CAS everything, all the furniture probably looks the same because I just got eager to play after a while.


So this is the house, I tried to only use furniture we had, the only thing new, I think, is the bunkbeds I put up for Seth and anyone else, I guess.


Ugh. Damn IFs, I thought I got a mod to destroy you all!


“Hey, Seth, want grammie to read you a bedtime story?”


Such a good grandma, please don’t die, Gen.

Of course, though, Riley has the only kids book in her inventory so that didn’t happen.


Figure I should include some shots of these two cuties, but they won’t be that small forever, so lots of pictures.

My daughter turns one next week, sorry if I’m feeling a bit all oo-ey gooey.


Mason’s a wonderful father, though, he takes care of the girls, and he’s not very much fun to watch, because he just… has hobbies?

He works out, eats, sleeps, showers (sometimes), and takes care of the girls.  He’s really calm and stuff.  I also haven’t made him a sim card, download, or new outfits.  :/  woops.  Maybe later.


Oh, come on Gen!  It’s right in front of you!  You have 34 minutes!  Come onnnnn!!!!


“Oh, so tired…”



“I don’t have to pee anymore?”


Oh god….  :/

She died on Spooky Day…


Riley was very struck by her mother’s passing, and unfortunately, Seth’s never going to get that bedtime story..


Genevieve got a grave with lovely flowers and stuff, she didn’t get a fancy urn because, well, we lot her entire lifetime before so..

As it is, she brought in thirty points from the births of her six children, but also negated those thirty points with six self wettings.  So I guess she was the best founder for this ISBI?  I don’t know, I’m going to miss her so much..


I really hope the sparkly mailbox doesn’t mean IFs, because I am prettyyyy sure I had a mod to get rid of them unless I accidentally deleted it.


This is Mason’s first fail! 😮  Woahhhh.  -5 though, regardless.


And it was high time that Mason got a makeover and his own sim card, so I finally got down to that.  Of course, I was lazy and only did 4/6 outfits.

Then my game froze right after Riley mastered spellcasting.  So.  Yay.  For some reason though, the game keeps freezing and crashing on me, so I think I’ll end this chapter early and deal with it all later.

2 fails, so -10 points.


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